NBN For Your Home

Imagine the possibilities of NBN. How do you install NBN in your home?

NBN For Your Business

Don't wait too long. Start preparing NBN for Your Business.

How can Dunlop IT help you with NBN For Your Home


The Internet is so important nowadays and has a big impact on our daily lives. These are some of the ways you are already using the Internet. Imagine the possibilities of NBN to your home.

  • Speaking with love ones remotely over a voice and video application like Skype, Face Time or What's App

  • Doing an online course

  • Doing research for homework

  • Watching movies and television

  • Downloading recipes

  • Running a home business

  • Purchasing products and services online

  • Managing your investments online

  • Book and manage travel

  • Share photos

  • Engage on social media

  • Monitor your health systems

  • The list just goes on ....

Whatever you are using the internet for, there might be some equipment that may be affected during your switch to the NBN. For example, 

  • Medical alarm, autodialler or emergency call button

  • Security alarm

  • Monitored fire alarm

  • Lift emergency phone

  • Fax and other print devices

Dunlop IT helps you switch to the NBN network with ease. We help you


  • Determine the speed required for your use

  • Check your equipment compatibility

  • Check if additional or new wiring is required

  • Connect your devices to the Internet

  • Monitor the progress

Contact Dunlop IT and we will help prepare your Home for the NBN Network.

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