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NBN For Your Business

Don't wait too long. Start preparing NBN for Your Business.

NBN For Your Home

Imagine the possibilities of NBN. How do you install NBN in your home?

How can Dunlop IT help you with NBN For Your Business

NBN to your business

It's the age of the digital economy which spells unlimited possibilities to grow your business. Whether you are a small or large business, you got to prepare your business for NBN and it is coming to you very soon! 


Businesses, in particular, should seek our advice before talking to their service provider to ensure the right speed is chosen to suit them and that their existing network is compatible and compliant. You would also want your internet service to continue throughout your changeover to the NBN network to minimise disruption to your business. You may also need additional wiring if you intend to connect a new phone service over to the NBN network.


Here's a checklist of technologies, systems, services that may apply to your business -

  • Internet connection

  • PBX systems or multiple phone lines

  • Fax machines or fax lines

  • ATM on site

  • EFTPOS terminals

  • HICAPS or health claim terminals

  • Wide area network, multiple sites e.g. VPN

  • Unified communications e.g. video conferencing

  • IP telephony e.g. VoIP

  • Cloud services and applications

  • Monitored security alarms or cameras

  • Fire alarms

  • Lift emergency phones

  • Medical alarms


Dunlop IT helps your business switch to the NBN network with ease. We help you


  • Determine the speed required for your use

  • Check your equipment compatibility

  • Check if additional or new wiring is required

  • Connect your devices to the Internet

  • Monitor the progress

  • Provide ongoing support for all your hardware and software

Contact Dunlop IT and we will help prepare your Business for the NBN Network with minimal interruption to your business.

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