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Imagine your Future with an NBN network

January 31, 2017

The NBN network promises exciting new possibilities. Internet of things devices will secure homes. Allow you to work even more from the comfort of your own home. Local business can go global with new products and services. Consult your doctor through TeleHealth. Significant learning opportunities. Smart food systems from farms to dining tables and other endless innovations.



The NBN is nearly here with completion estimated May 2017 for most of the Camden Haven, using fixed line technology. All types of NBN network connections that utilise a physical line running to the premises are considered NBN Fixed Line connections. There are a few types but the difference between each type of connection simply comes down to how they utilise existing network technology in connecting to the nearest available fibre node to your premises.


When it is ready you will need to contact your preferred ISP to get connected the NBN. DunlopIT are here to assist you with the final connection between the NBN connection and your existing installation.




Prepare your Business for the NBN network

Businesses, in particular, should seek our advice before talking to their service provider to ensure the right speed is chosen to suit them and that their existing network is compatible and compliant. You would also want your internet service to continue throughout your changeover to the NBN network to minimise disruption to your business. You may also need additional wiring if you intend to connect a new phone service over to the NBN network.


Here's a checklist of technologies, systems, services that may apply to your business

  • Internet connection

  • PBX systems or multiple phone lines

  • Fax machines or fax lines

  • ATM on site

  • EFTPOS terminals

  • HICAPS or health claim terminals

  • Wide area network, multiple sites e.g. VPN

  • Unified communications e.g. video conferencing

  • IP telephony e.g. VoIP

  • Cloud services and applications

  • Monitored security alarms or cameras

  • Fire alarms

  • Lift emergency phones

  • Medical alarms


Prepare your Home for the NBN network

Many residential customers will require our assistance also. Your existing equipment may not be compatible and if your service provider does supply the extra equipment, you may not know how to complete your connection.


Considerations when installing the NBN network in your home

  • Installation and equipment

    • Contact Dunlop IT to ensure best-fit technology for your needs

  • Renting or leasing

    • Do you need to obtain permission from your landlord?

  • Cabling

    • Extra cabling may be required especially if you want to connect to a granny flat for example. Go with a registered cabling installer, like Dunlop IT.

  • Running a Home Business

    • Allow 12 months to plan before the date from which the existing network is planned to be switched off. Speak to Dunlop IT to discuss your options.


Testimonial from Kevin Davis

With the different requirements for FTTN and FTTP and the Hunter having what seems like a 50/50 division of both, NBN connections here have been very difficult. But in the Camden Haven area, you can trust Dunlop I.T. to do a great job.





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